Lubricating Oil and Filter Changing


Avoid prolonged and repeated skin contact with used engine oils. Such prolonged and repeated contact may cause skin disorders or other bodily injury.  —  Avoid excessive contact – wash thoroughly after contact.   —  Keep out of reach of children.

PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT: Handling and disposal of used engine oil may be subject to federal, state and local law and regulation. Use authorized waste disposal facilities, including civic amenity sites and garages providing authorized facilities for receipt of used oil. If in doubt, contact your state and local environmental authorities or the Environmental Protection Agency for guidance as to proper handling and disposal of used engine oil.

If the engine is in service, the oil drain interval of 10,000 Km [6,000 miles] 250 hours or 3 months (or approved extended interval) must  be observed.

Drain the oil only when it is hot and the contaminants are in suspension.


Hot oil can cause personal injury. Use a container that can hold at least 20 liters [15 U.S. qts.] of oil.

Operate the engine until the water temperature reaches 60° C [140° F]. Shut the engine off. Remove the oil drain plug.

90 to 95 mm Filter Wrench

 Clean the area around the lubricating oil filter head. Remove the filter. Clean the gasket surface of the filter head.

NOTE The O-ring can stick on the filter head. Make sure it is removed before installing the new filter.

Make sure the correct oil filter is used. The filter for the six-cylinder engine is longer than the filter for four-cylinder engines. B = Standard for six-cylinder applications.

A 6 cylinder oil filter can be used on a 4 cylinder engine. Do not use a 4 cylinder oil filter on a 6 cylinder engine. Use of a 4 cylinder oil filter on a 6 cylinder engine will result in engine damage.

Fill the filters with clean lubricating oil before installation.

CAUTION Mechanical over-tightening can distort the threads or damage the filter element seal.     Apply a light film of lubricating oil to the gasket sealing surface before installing the filters. 

Install the filter as specified by the filter manufacturer.

17 mm Wrench

Check and clean the oil drain plug threads and sealing surface.  Install the oil drain plug.  Torque Value:  80 N•m 

NOTE Use high quality 15W-40 multi-viscosity lubricating oil or its equivalent in Cummins engines. Choose the correct lubricating oil for your operating climate.

Fill the engine with clean oil to the proper level. Engine capacity is 17.3 qts (16.4 L).

Operate the engine at idle to inspect for leaks at the filters and the drain plug.

Stop the engine. Wait approximately 15 minutes to let the oil drain from the upper parts of the engine. Check the oil level again.  Add oil as necessary to bring the oil level to the “H” (High) mark on the dipstick.

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