Oil Cooler Element and Gasket : Replacement

Preparatory Steps:

  • Drain the coolant.
  • Remove the oil filter.

Clean all debris from around the oil cooler. 

Using a 16 mm wrench, remove the turbocharger oil supply line from the oil filter head.

Using a 10 mm wrench, remove the oil cooler cover, element and gaskets.

Clean the sealing surfaces. 

Pressurize the element to 483 kPa [70 psi] to check it for leaks. 

Using a 10 mm wrench, assemble the oil cooler gasket, element, cooler cover gasket and cooler cover to the cylinder block.

NOTE: Be sure to remove the shipping plugs (A) from the new cooler element

 Torque Value:  24 N•m [18 ft-lb]

Using a 16 mm wrench, connect the turbocharger oil supply line.  Torque Value:  35 N•m   [26 ft-lb]

Install a new oil filter.  Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for tightening.

CAUTION: The system must be filled slowly to prevent air locks. Be sure to open the aftercooler vents to allow air to escape as the system is filled. 

  Fill the coolant system and operate the engine to check for leaks.  Stop the engine and check the coolant and oil level.

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