How Diesel IQ Got Started

Diesel IQ was founded in 2014 and was an informational site dedicated to providing maintenance content to PowerStroke and Cummins owners to help them properly maintain their diesel engines and keep them running in top shape. With tons of information on common problems, repairs, and maintenance the site served as a great resource for diesel owners. However, it lacked information for the performance enthusiasts.

8020 Media acquired the site in 2020 and brought an emphasis on performance. Since then Diesel IQ has evolved into the leading resource for diesel performance modification information. With a depth of repair and maintenance information and performance modification guides, Diesel IQ is an awesome informational resource for Powerstroke and Cummins owners.

Dedicated to Diesel Performance

We have a passion for performance in all vehicles. Diesel’s might not be putting bus lengths on performance cars at the drag strip but there certainly isn’t anything like having 1,000+lb-ft. of torque. We strive to provide the most accurate, in-depth, and honest information with respect to the best performance mods, the best brands, and the best build setups for every diesel engine.

Meet The Team

Our team has been driving and modifying diesels for years. We are an eclectic group with vehicles ranging from diesels to BMWs to JDM cars. We are fueled by the belief in the right to modify your vehicle and a passion for the pursuit of performance.


Zach has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Colorado Boulder. He is one of the founders of 8020 Media and has been in the automotive industry for over a decade. Zach is obsessed with inline-6 engines and is one of the primary DieselIQ authors for the 5.9 and 6.7 Cummins diesel engines.

Zach is also one of the lead writers on BMW Tuning and Tuning Pro. With over 400 automotive articles published and a wealth of technical knowledge he’s a great resource for PowerStroke and Cummins owners looking to take their diesel trucks to the next level.


Jake holds a bachelor’s degree from Texas Christian University. He, alongside Zach, is one of the founders of 8020 Media and has also been working in the automotive industry for a decade. Jake currently owns a 2002 F-350 dually with the legendary 7.3 PowerStroke. It was responsible for towing his ATX 24 surfboat until he realized boats are an expensive hobby. His 7.3 diesel is highly modified and his neighbors hate it.

Jake has a passion for hands-on automotive work and is also building a single turbo N54 and Mazda Miata track car. His blend of automotive experience, knowledge, and writing skills make him an asset to the DieselIQ team.


Chandler has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Colorado Denver. He joined the 8020 Media team in 2022 and brings a wealth of writing experience and car knowledge to the team. Chandler is fond of JDM cars but also loves trucks and diesel engines. He’s a true gearhead and has been working on and modifying cars and trucks his whole life.

Chandler is also a history, sports, and music buff and is a freelance writer for The Grunge. Between his hands-on automotive experience, passion for cars & trucks, and extensive writing knowledge, Chandler is a valuable resource for the DieselIQ team.

Interested in Working With Us at 8020 Media?

8020 Media was founded in 2017 by Zach & Jake Mayock and currently owns & operates DieselIQ. We are a digital publishing company focused on the performance and enthusiast automotive market. Since inception, DieselIQ has provided hundreds of knowledgeable, in-depth articles to over 5,000,000 readers across the globe. 8020 Media strives to continue producing quality, helpful content for the Ford PowerStroke & Ram Cummins engines.

We pride ourselves on creating unique, quality, and accurate information. However, the 8020 Media team isn’t just a group of journalists behind a screen. We are a group of dedicated automotive enthusiasts with real experience modding, tuning, & repairing a wide range of cars and trucks. From basic maintenance, to complex repairs, to engine swaps and upgrades, we put in the work to deliver top-tier content.

Our No ‘AI’ Content Policy

8020 Media and DieselIQ have a no AI-content policy. This means we do not use any AI writing tools to assist us with the creation of our articles. We are true automotive experts and all of the information used to produce our content comes from our hands on experience and in-depth research. We believe these AI content tools produce poor and inaccurate information. For example, if you ask one about the best performance modifications for a 7.3 Powerstroke it recommends upgrading your brakes…

Our goal is to provide the best, most accurate, and most detailed information on the internet. To achieve this goal and produce the highest quality of content around everything is written in house by our team of full-time writers. We don’t use AI, freelance writers, or content agencies since they are not the experts.