Dodge Ram EcoDiesel 3.0 Engine Problems

The 4 Most Common Dodge 3.0 EcoDiesel Engine Problems

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Curious about the reliability of the 3.0 EcoDiesel in Jeep and RAM trucks? Unfortunately, the rumors on the internet about these trucks having a plethora of common problems and reliability issues is true.

The EcoDiesel did receive a lot of upgrades for the 2020 model year which did improve reliability compared to the first generation. However, these engines are still plagued by problems including oil cooler failure, EGR cooler failure, slipping cam gears, and leaking exhaust couplers. We’re going to discuss all of these problems in depth and provide some overall thoughts on actual engine reliability.

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Jeep & Ram 3.0L EcoDiesel Engine Problems

  1. Oil Cooler Failure
  2. EGR Cooler Failure
  3. Leaking Exhaust Couplers
  4. Slipping Camshaft Gear

1. Oil Cooler Failure

When towing heavy loads, or towing in mountainous regions, the engines oil temperatures can increase significantly which is known to cause the oil cooler to fail. While this problem can happen to an EcoDiesel that has never towed a thing before, it is most common under heavy towing conditions. Additionally, this problem primarily only affected 2014-2016 models.

When the oil cooler fails, engine coolant and engine oil mix together, contaminating the whole cooling system. Additionally, coolant can contaminate the oil which can lead to accelerated wear and tear of engine internals. On the 3.0 EcoDiesel it is more common for the oil to contaminate the cooling system which requires a full cooling system flush.

Oil Cooler Failure Symptoms

  • Engine overheating
  • Oil or coolant leaking from the oil cooler
  • Oil in the coolant or coolant in the oil
  • Poor performance
  • Black smoke from exhaust

Replacement Options

The frequency of oil cooler failure resulted in a class action lawsuit and an extended warranty for the oil cooler for 2014-2016 trucks.

In any event, you will need to replace the oil cooler, change the oil, and flush the whole cooling system. Aftermarket oil coolers are available, such as the CFT Performance Oil Cooler, as an upgrade to prevent this problem from arising again. Replacing the oil cooler with an OEM unit can lead to future issues arising as the blame lays on the poor design and manufacturing of the stock oil cooler.

2. EGR Cooler Problems

The EGR cooler is prone to cracking. Fortunately, in October of 2019, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) issued a recall for 108,000 EcoDiesel Ram 1500’s due to EGR cooler failure. FCA claimed that hairline cracks in the EGR cooler could cause coolant to leak into the engine bay and cause fires.

While the likelihood of a fire starting from a cracked EGR cooler is low, it does have various other performance impact. An EGR cooler failure can lead to very hot exhaust gases being sent back into the engine, resulting in engine overheating. Additionally it can cause an exhaust leak while will decrease engine performance and acceleration.

Symptoms of a Cracked EGR Cooler

  • Leaking engine coolant from EGR cooler
  • Engine overheating
  • Exhaust leaks (hissing or tapping noise from engine)
  • Check engine light

Fortunately due to the recall any cracked EGR coolers will be replaced completely free of charge by Dodge. While there have only been a handful of engine fires caused by the EGR cooler, we recommend getting the recall service done for piece of mind.

3. Leaking Exhaust Couplers

The 2014 and 2015 EcoDiesel Ram 1500 trucks are susceptible to leaking exhaust couplers which can make the interior of the truck smell like diesel exhaust. The exhaust pipe from the turbo to the DPF system is connected via a flex pipe or coupler. The coupler is prone to cracking which causes an exhaust leak. Exhaust fumes permeate through the engine bay and are sucked through the air system and into the cabin.

Some owners have reported mild smells in the cabin while others have reported unbearable or nauseating amounts of fumes. The leaks are due to poorly manufactured couplers which are prone to cracking from the heat of the exhaust gases. Dodge issued a recall for this coupler and redesigned the coupler in late 2014, hence the defective part only affecting 2014 and 2015 model year Ram’s. The Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.0 EcoDiesels used a different coupler due to a slightly different design in the piping connecting the turbo and DPF system and therefore did not experience the same issues.

Additionally, this problem is known to only affect 4×2 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel models. There have been some other reported exhaust leak issues from connecting bolts on the exhaust system not being tightened down enough, allowing for small exhaust leaks.

4. Slipping Camshaft Gear / Timing Chain

The 3.0 EcoDiesel uses a traditional timing chain for valve timing. The gears on the exhaust side passenger head are held by 1 long, singular bolt. Over time heat and stress cause the expansion and contraction of the metal which allows the gear to slip. Eventually, the gear slips to the point that the exhaust valves and pistons collide with each other. There have been instances where the timing has slipped to the point that the exhaust valve has blown through the piston, breaking the piston, wrist pin, and connecting rod.

While we list this issue as a common problem, we have personally only seen this happen a few times. The severity of the damage has caused the internet community to overexaggerate the likelihood of this occuring. With that being said, we have seen it occur a handful of times from cars ranging from 70,000 miles to upwards of 150,000 miles.

Slipping Timing Gear Symptoms

  • Cylinder misfires
  • Engine runs rough
  • Rattling from engine
  • Engine won’t start

Replacement Options

While there may be some warning signs that your timing chain has started to slip, catastrophic failure is usually not preventable unless caught early on. As mentioned above, this problem was blown out of proportion on the internet from a YouTube video posted by Shawn “Mopar Ecodiesel”.

If you are an unfortunate owner who has experience catastrophic engine failure from cam slippage, then a new engine is likely in order, or a serious rebuild. However, as we do not believe this problem is very common we do not recommend trying to perform any sort of preventative maintenance on this item. There are no aftermarket kits or preventative maintenance options.

3.0 EcoDiesel Reliability

Despite having a 12,560lb towing capacity, these trucks do not do well towing. The added heat and stress from towing makes oil cooler and EGR cooler failure very prominent. We wouldn’t recommend towing anything beyond 7,000lbs with this truck, at least not on a frequent basis. Fortunately the majority of the major problems with these engines have been covered by warranty or recalls.

2014 and 2015 Ram 1500 3.0 EcoDiesel models seem to be very hit or miss and are the least reliable years available. A handful of design tweaks were made in 2016 which greatly improved Ram EcoDiesel reliability from there on out. Additionally, more tweaks were made in 2020. So far the newer 2020+ versions are proving to be a good bit more reliable than the previous generation.

As is true with most diesels, the most problematic 3.0 EcoDiesel parts tend to be the emissions systems.

Overall, 2016 and onwards EcoDiesel’s are quite reliable and strong. With proper maintenance there is no doubt that these engines can last 300,000 miles and onwards. Just be cautious of towing heavy loads as this seems to be the most frequent cause of common problems with Ram EcoDiesel engines. Despite being a diesel they were built for fuel efficiency and longevity rather than being serious haulers.

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  1. Never mind with your PROPER maitenance ! Mine just blown 137,000 km ! Not talking about all other probems and recalls..

    Had lots of Chrysler products but Last time Chrysler for me.

      1. Sorry to hear this. Was it a slipping Camshaft Gear / Timing Chain that caused it? if so, was it showing any signs like misfiring/hesitating before complete failure?

    1. hi john, my name is cindy live in NH i bought a 2018 Ram 1500 eco diesel3 months after i bought it engine died its at 58000 miles no one will honor warranty because it came from Canada…should be still under factory warranty..everyone keeps passing the did u make out?curious to knowbeen 6 months trying to get this resolved still making payments…..thank you

      1. My engine was replaced at 47k miles all under warranty. Im at 68k now and the the entire fuel sytem , fuel pump , and injectors have to be replaced und powertrane warranty. I love my truck but the problems that have left me stranded is very frustrating

      2. if at any time it was owned by a company then it considered a ” fleet vehicle ” and dodge gives absolutely no warranty on a fleet vehicle . This has been their policy forever . When the company I worked for for 35 years was bought out by a group from Texas the first thing they did was buy ten new dodge trucks bragging that the trucks had a 7 year 77,000 mile warranty . I said nothing but got up and walked to the dry erase board and wrote “0” and then I put up the numbers 43,000 and 58,000 . They looked at me and asked what that was and I told them the average transmission will die at 43,000 miles and the average engine 73,000 miles while the zero stood for the warranty you have . They said B.S. any way cut to about a year later when one transmission died with 38k miles and they took it to the Dodge dealer who sold them the truck and they received a quote for $4,800 to fix it . I gave them an I told you so and suggested they fire the dumbass who bought them . None of the trucks made it to 80,000 miles without major work , I suggested they trade them in for Fords but instead they bought couple of GMC trucks with diesels which I said oh great and brought in a couple of broomsticks and told them to teach the guys how to probe the tank every day to check the fuel level , cut to about eight weeks later when they announce one of the trucks died along 94 outside Racine Wisconsin and they wanted a mechanic to go check it out . I said take ten gallons of fuel and wrenches to bleed the lines . They told me they had three fourths of a tank , I told them no that is what the gauge says but that tank is empty . I was right

        1. I’m sure Fords never break down. There is no way they had this many problems unless there was an idiot performing the maintenance or no maintenance at all. The warranties are good on fleet vehicle also.

          1. Totally agree…sounds like the mechanic wanted to complain more about the fact he didn’t get his preferred vehicle of choice then do his job lol

      3. I have a 2015 EcoDiesel that had 27,000 miles when I bought it. It is also from canada. I did the AEM software update with all the paperwork and jump through all the Hoops to qualify for the EPA FCA agreement and FCA will not honor it. Therefore the only solution is a full delete. 4 months ago contacted EPA filed complaint they will not answer back. I guess FCA is a political donor to the present Administration.

    2. My 2016 also just blew at 110,000 km s, bought a new one for just under $20K . Does anyone know if my replacement would be considered as a 2021 production? thanks

      1. My 2016 blew the second engine with only 59,000 miles. I now have 3,000 miles on the new engine, total of 12,5452 miles on the truck. I did not get the 2020 version upgrade.

        1. William,

          I have 2018 1500 ecodiesel with 58,000 miles that piston just came apart on 2/28. The engine is trash and I am waiting on a new one, covered under powertrain warranty. How long did it take to get new engine? Did Chrysler provide loaner or rental? I’m being told I can only get rental for 5 days. Insane!


          1. 2016 ProMaster 2500 EcoDiesel shifted into neutral getting on the freeway throttle went the floor RPMs at 7000 turn off ignition vehicle wouldn’t shut down it revved at 7000 until it blew. Transmission under warranty called FCA, stalantis, Holland, France, over the course of 5 weeks which I was stuck in the Sierra Nevada mountains I called over 200 times was promised numerous phone call back in the 5 weeks that I spent stranded in the Sierra Nevada mountains I had one return phone call ran stilantis do not care about their customers whatsoever they were willing to leave me stranded forever with a transmission under warranty they did not call back finally after five and a half weeks they tow it give me a half day in a hotel and no rentalthere’s been scandalous things done to this vehicle and I have proof now they have blocked me I cannot call ram whatsoever they blocked my phone number what a piece of shit company I do not buy a ram or any other vehicle that’s still Atlantis markets doesn’t matter if you have a warranty or not they’re not going to help you I got to who my my hotel the lady behind the counter said her engine blew up in 4 days and the dealership didn’t want anything to do with her she had problems getting help brand new vehicle it should be criminal and some of it I think is I am calling the FBI on the dealership and they are real and be an investigation

          2. My engine locked up over 4 months ago just got it back new engine under warranty was told 6 months to year at beginning was sooner The dealer or Chrysler has a deal with Hertz if they have a dodge chrysler vechicle on lot you can have loaner car Drove 2020 compass for 4 months no cost to me happy with loaner Eco diesel has been a lemon maybe they got bugs out of it now FYI still has recall on fuel pump that could cause major engine problems again how sad

          3. My engine blew on my 2016 back in 2019 at 80,000 kms. Dealer gave me a loaner on the spot (Friday evening of a long weekend), Wednesday afternoon of the next week I was back in my truck with a new drop in engine. Could not complain at all. Fast forward to today and I have 180,000 kms on the new engine and it’s still going strong with zero issues.

    3. Mine blew at 134,000 with better maintenance then ram could ever recommend and now I’m stuck with that engine bill. FCA is a complete joke

      1. Same thing for me just now! Replaced entire fuel system last year (bad fuel), $9K. Replaced oil cooler, $5K, EGR failed and replaced TWICE, settlement warranty. 3 weeks after the latest Oil cooler and EGR, the engine seized going over a Mt pass. Need a new engine. 145K miles on an impeccably maintained 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Has anyone fought Jeep with lawyers before?

    4. Mine just blew with 68,366 miles. No heavy hauling. They just can’t handle “romping”down on it.
      It’s going to go or it will be gone. !!

    5. Wow! My 2014 Ram longhorn engine just went out at 149k miles. Houston dealer texted me a quote of $28,000.00 (plus $453 for ac freon recharge) to replace the engine. Thanks, but no thanks. What a shame it was a great truck. Now it is sitting in my driveway with a puddle of oil under it while try to find a path forward other than an auto recycler. 🙁

    1. Mine just blew yesterday, 2018 70000 miles. Knocking and no oil pressure. Have they said what the cause of yours was?

    2. Our 2018 blew at 37,000 miles and after they replaced the motor it has issues starting up every couple of weeks been back to the dealer now 4 times.

      1. 2018 jeep grand cherokee diesel. Amsoil signature oil with early early oil changes and kandn oil filter never towed, never raced, engine just went out driving In city. Lost power to knocking bad in 100 yards. No check engine light. Temps looked normal on infotainment gauges. 52k miles. Just inside of warranty so we will see how long it takes. Wish i could get a gen3 in my jeep.

    3. 2018 jeep grand cherokee diesel. Amsoil with early early oik changes, never towed, new raced, engine just went out driving In city. Lost power to knocking bad in 100 yards. No check engine light. Temps looked normal on infotainment gauges. 52k miles. Just inside of warranty so we will see how long it takes. Wish i could get a gen3 in my jeep.

  2. Hmmm, just turning 95,000 miles on my 1500 eco diesel, and its running like a top ? I’m planning on at least 250,000 miles with this truck that gets amazing MPG. Sorry to hear of the problems.

    1. I wish you well but when the go it gives no warning and has normal oil pressure right up till it spins either the main bearings or the rod bearings or both and then you r on the hook for a 15000 dollar engine that’s just going to do it again .
      It’s not a question of if but when it’s going to happen because no EcoDiesel is immune.its the design of the engine trying to run diesel power on gas technology there’s a reason why 5.9 Cummins go 1 million miles plus before you even think of looking at the bottom end

    2. Same here. 147000 miles and it’s giving me 25 mpg on the highway and over 20 around town. Mine is a 2016 Lariat Eco diesel. It had 125,000 miles on it when I bought the truck. So I’m really happy with the truck so far.

      1. Hello Dennis I was planning on buying a2016 dodge longhorn lariat V-6 3.0 it has 118,000 mi what do you think should I take a chance it test drove ok for the short distance my mechanic said no I’ll have problems one after another I’d appreciate any advice thanks

  3. I just bought a 2019 Ram 1500 Tradesman Classic with the 3.0 Ecodiesel motor. When going through the Certified Used Vehicle inspections, the diesel mechanic noticed a clacking g noise. The cam shaft bearings were out of tolerance ruining the entire engine. Thank the gods, I purchased the remainder of the 7 year 100,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty! So now I’ll have a 40,500 mile truck with a 0 mile motor. That mechanic say to avoid idling the 3.0. Apparently it will beat itself to death with constant idling. Now, what is”constant ldling?” Stopping at a light is NOT. Running into the store leaving it running IS. Remote starting 30 minutes before you get in so it’s not cold in there IS. Waiting prolonged times for traffic jams and road maintenance IS. Talk with your mechanic or read some other areas of the net. I am not an expert. I hope this guy replacing my motor knows what he is doing.

  4. My 2018 ecodiesel has blown at 78 000 km never towed anything and maintanence have been done at dealer
    engine blown on September /7/2021 Stated with a light engine nock and it got really laud with in couple days.
    engine died

  5. My 2015 dodge ram eco diesel has had problems with the electric throttle control since I bought it. Currently 3rd time in the last 3 months. Dealer that I bought it from New and does all the service and maintenance doesn’t seem to be able to fix it.

    1. You need to get a throttle control module for for inside of the cab. It plugged into the gas pedal wire wire

    1. Mine just blew at 49,000 miles. Gave me a loaner truck till mine is done! Was told 45 days for the engine!!!

    2. My 2017 Eco Diesel blew at 49,000 miles. My dealer is letting me use rental trucks free. Won’t see a replacement engine until January 9 2023!!!!!! WTF!

  6. My 2014 Jeep GC diesel motor seized at 17,000 miles. My 2015 Jeep GC diesel motor seized at 44,000 miles. Where is the accountability Jeep?

  7. A guy recently came up to me looking at my 2018 Ram 1500 asking how I liked the truck and then proceeded to tell me had one just like mine but the engine blew at 32K. Ram replaced the engine and he promptly traded in for the full size diesel. Mine had a recall out for over 18 months with no parts at dealership for service. State would not issue new registration without recall work so I had to contact government representatives to intercede and finally got recall service done at a different dealership because my local one could still not get parts at least that was what they told me. Only 2000 miles after fuel filter service a water in fuel warning came on. Even though mine has less than 30k I am noticing a loss of power with turbo kicking on more early and often. Oil looks like black sludge and dealer service manager is telling me all of the newer designs blacken up after a hundred miles. Not sure what to believe from FCA dealers and they seem to charge for everything.

  8. The way this article is written it makes it look like the gen3 ecodiesel shares all the same problems as it’s predecessors. Then gen3 is practically a new engine (85 % or so new parts). Changes like exhaust going into the EGR after the DPF instead of before to reduce carbon (one example)

    Maybe some of the same issues will show up in the Gen 3, but we honestly don’t know yet.

  9. i have oil in the coolant, The Deale rsaid new engine time, Over $16,000.00 to do the job, other parts will still be needed or used off existing engine. they didn’t say it will be a unused engine or a remanufactured. SO PISSED!!

      1. The amount of money for these repairs puts this way over the threshhold to be in small claims court there hotrod .

    1. You will not get the job done for 16,000 it will be more like between $22,000-$26,000 everything that water touches must be replaced water pump radiator heater core everything your problem started while it was still under warranty they have a way of keeping you on the road until your warranty runs out

  10. I have had my 16 Ecodiesel for 3 years and have had no problems. Put over 70k miles on it in 3 years and still runs great. Guess I got lucky.

    1. I felt “lucky” at 110K on my 2016. Then it CLUNKED. ran perfect till then. This winter had to replace my air suspension and now it is leaking. Gonna buy a gasser , probably a Honda Ridge.

      1. I have a 2007 Honda Ridgeline RTL. 130k and no issues other than a power steering pump replacement (new part $80 on Amazon): Great Truck 🙏

      2. Hi iam pedro i looking to buy 2015 dodge Ram 1500 you guys think this is bad idea it has 14400 miles.i World like to hear your opinión. Tha.nk you

        1. I have a 2015 bone stock with 160k I did have to replace relucker wheel only problem had it for 3yrs. Guess I’m lucky from what I read?

  11. Mine spun a crank bering at 46k no towingg just hywy miles. New motor but 60 days out. Only one motor per week can be ordered. Mine was the second one in a week, 2018 model

  12. Had 99,000 miles engine started knocking on pull. Replaced engine went 20,000 started knocking and locked up. Third engine well see

  13. My 2016 Longhorn eco diesel is a beast. Got EGR finally replace after a years wait at about 85,000 miles. Took three times to get it right. Had two replacements leaked so the dealer too it off and put back the original. Finally got a unit that worked. Now at 88500 and still strong. Tows a 30’ airstream like nothing’s behind it. Has factory electric brakes controller. So far so good. Great gas mileage. Fingers crossed.

    1. I have a 2016 and have had the EGR done a couple years back. Now i’m losing 1gal of coolant a month. Sounds like maybe it’s a faulty EGR for the second time around. Anything similar happen in your case?

  14. I took my 2015 ecodiesel in for a EGR recall and I started having problems right after they fixed a recall. Took my truck in about 5 times. It leaked green coolant and I had it towed to the dealership and they could never fix it. It is sitting in my drive way after less than 3 years of ownership and the dealership never repaired it!! I paid car notes until it was paid off, although the truck was inoperable. I was not treated right as a loyal Ram customer. I went and bought a full size Ram 2500 with a cummins engine, but the customer service for my 2015 was terrible so I probably won’t buy another Ram based on the service and customer service.

  15. I have 313000 miles on my 2015 ram ecodiesel I love it still running like new I replaced the alternator and intake because of the cooling part underneath the intake at 300000 nothing else love it

  16. from everything im reading maybe 2 out of 20 ppl have not had engine problems..Ram has not stood behind their product this is so BS i cant afford to pay for new 68 yrs old this was going to be my last truck always had a Ram..only has 58,000 miles..i guess will have to seek legal means..and go with a chevy

      1. We are in the same position with our eco diesel motor home that had a recall on the engine and know its been in the shop 4 times with continued problems with the whole systems and just received a call that they can’t even drive it . Does any know who to call for a class action lawsuit?
        Thanks Colorado sal

        1. Class action lawsuits get you peanuts, you have to sue but not small claims court as your damages are too high. One guy I read about got really big settlement from Ford while everyone who joined class action got a couple thousand. Talk to a lawyer about how to go about it. People all over need to know what’s happening with the Eco Deisel.

    1. Sounds about right. 2016 1500 here with 165,000 miles. Everytime I look this engine up or plan long road trips I cringe with fear it’ll blow this time. It’s disconcerting.

    2. Well, this was my dads last truck. He passed away a few months ago. The truck sat in storage until I purchased it out of probate. I drove it 2 weeks and the motor just locked up. 126k miles.

    3. The warranty on the powertrain is 100,000 miles. If it is a powertrain failure, and assuming you have done the required regular maintenance – then it should be covered under warranty. What reason were you given for not fixing it?

  17. My 2020 Dodge Ram 1500 eco diesel stopped running at 47,000 mile and my dealer, Ron Tonkin Portland Oregon said they were 4 weeks out for an appointment. I waited the 4 weeks and had it towed to them. It has been sitting there for another 4 weeks and they have yet to look at it. The eco diesel engine made by VM Motori diesel in Cento Italy has some major flaws.. I just found out today that parts availability is about one year. Most importantly WORKING WITH RON TONKIN HAS BEEN A NIGHTMARE OF LACK OF COMMUNICATION AND LACK OF ANY RESPONSIBILITY. I HAVE DRIVEN DODGES FOR OVER 20 YEARS AND I WILL NEVER DEAL WITH RON TONKIN AGAIN AND MAY NEVER BUY ANOTHER DODGE.

    1. Having oil pressure issue and loss of oil on my 2022 Limited with the eco diesel as well. The dealer is talking about changing the engine. Have 71,000 miles.

  18. Last time I will by a Chrysler product . My 2015 RAM Eco diesel is unreliable, guaranteed to have some sort of problem every few months . Always costing me .

  19. I have a 2015 eco and with 178 Thousand it has shit the bed I can get a hemi replacement kit much cheaper than replaceing the diesel.

    1. I was curious about how easily this could be done. How costly is it to change over to Hemi compared to new eco diesel?

  20. YES RAM OR FCA is watching there bottom line and could give a crap about your truck
    Mine has sat in the shop more than I have driven it
    Trading it in on a Chevy 1 ton
    The echo diesel is really been trying to Owen
    Had to get a lawyer just to get the eve changed
    And if you think they will help you out if you trade it in , THINK AGAIN!!!!
    They are going to loose customers over this pos

  21. Original owner 2014 ram ecodiesel, 85k mi. Not 1 issue ever. It’s been a great truck and trouble free. I’ve done every bit of maintenance since new except for recall work. My only complaint is that It does get really high oil temp when towing just half of what its rated for.

  22. I have a 2015 eco diesel with 83000kms on it and so far I have not had any problems but just wondering if I do a full delete and tuning would that help eliminate some of the issues that can happen?

    1. I did the full delete 2 months ago and my 2015 eco diesel runs better than ever. No more power lags from stopped, and it will flat MOVE. I HAVE 198k miles on mine

      1. Thinking the same for my 2014 diesel after 120,000 miles and warranty out. Had Injection manifold and EGR replaced under warranty. Bad oil pan seal and preventive belt replaced expensive. Lots of diesel fuel leak after EGR since not properly tightened and a hose cracked. Where will you get delete parts?

  23. Bought my 2016 Ram ecodiesel new. Was very impressed with the mileage and power. Until after a year. Started having issues particulate matter sensor, egr issues, and intake. Had everything fixed with all the recalls. Shortly after that the turbo quit. Still under warranty. Was fixed. There were several little issues in between but fixed myself. Mostly sensors, wheel bearing, and broken exhaust bolt. Last month motor seized while driving. Out of warranty (not cool) . New motors are over $8500 plus install. Was quoted at over $12,300. Everything is backordered. I did all the expensive oil changes and maintenance. Lasted almost 6 years and 171,00 miles. Not worth it. This truck with all combined issues in the last almost 6 years spent several months at the dealership. Usually waiting for backordered parts. Stay away from the ecodiesel unless you enjoy wasting time and money. Also, just remembered, intake plugs up. You can spend all day fixing or pay dealership $4100 when out of warranty. Super fun

    1. What did you end up doing? Did they help you out at all with pricing? Mine is a 2016 with 83,000 miles and it just died. Oil pressure light flashed and then it sounded like a box of nails dropped into my engine and lost power. Trying to figure out what to do at this point.

  24. 2021 Ram 1500 Limited eco-diesel. Engine failed at less than 17,000 miles. Apparently a bearing failure. Previous truck was 2015 1500 Rebel with the 5.7 hemi. Got the “hemi tick” (failed lifters) at 160,000 miles. Both trucks were pampered and never got worked hard. I’ve completely lost confidence in the Ram 1500 engines. Furthermore, if you live in a cold climate, do NOT get the air suspension. It will fail as well.

    1. Also … it’s been 2 months waiting for the repair. My “Ram Tough” truck is dead in the parking lot of a Chrysler dealership. No help from the dealership or FCA.

    2. I had a 2013 Laramie 4×4 Hemi with air suspension. Loved the truck until last month the air suspension failed while driving 50-55 on wet road conditions. When the air suspension failed It caused the back end to hit the bump stops witch caused a hard bounce and lost traction then hit the ditch. Truck was a total loss. When I left the hospital
      I had stitches in my head with bruised ribs. Currently having lower back pains but I’m blessed to be here today. Take my word.
      Stay away from the Air suspension !!!

  25. Because of already owning a 2014 and fuel economy we have used this engine to tow Airstream TTs commercially. An aftermarket tune has proven to be a good investment. 371,000 miles my first one pushed a head gasket due to low coolant from an EGR cooler leak. Bought a new warrantied replacement engine very cheap and put it in with an EGR cooler delete to keep this from happening again. It cracked a head at 423,000 miles. Business partner has a 2015 his fuel pump imploded filling a cylinder in his at 452,000 miles. Another forum member has 517,000 on his still rolling. For a disposable uber fuel efficient motor and with emissions beating tune its got pros & cons.

    Some low mile 2014-15-16s suffered from the oil cooler failures as reported above. All 14 thru 18s eventually suffer/ed from an EGR cooler internal coolant leak as reported above. There now is a permanent replacement fix. Also the option of an EGR cooler delete kit if you have a tune. The above reported exhaust coupler and slipped timing gear issues seem to almost be non existent.

    What is not mentioned and is thought to lead to all the engine failures reported is a low say sub 1500 rpm harmonic crank squirm that can occur under high load conditions. This causes the crank to eventually twist out a bearing resulting in immediate engine failure. Using tow haul and avoiding low rpm engine loading such as trying to tow or climb a grade in 8th gear at such low rpms can avoid pushing on this weak spot so to speak. Sort of like not skating on the thin ice area of the pond. This could explain why you see both low mile failures and high mile examples with this engine depending on use.

    The 2020 plus trucks with the heavily revised version of this engine seems to have resolved its main issues. Being a new crank & bearings resulting in no more harmonic crank squirm and widespread catastrophic engine failures. And moving the Intercooler away from in front of the radiator so no more heat soak engine parts related failures. This may prove to be a fantastic engine doomed by its predecessors reputation. Well and government regulation. VernDiesel

    1. Sir,

      My 2016 Laramie Longhorn just failed at 119,000 miles on it. Replacement is going to cost me $14.2K. Did you immediately do the EGR delete/tune on your new engines even though they were under warranty? Mine will come with a 3yr/100K mile warranty. I know this will void the warranty, but was wondering if it is better to wait the 3 yrs or do it immediately.

  26. Ram eco my $#&, my son bought this pos used four months later it puts him down on the side of the road. had it hauled to 2 dealerships before we found one that would work on this pos. He has been using my personal truck and put 23,000 miles on it because he is self employed, it is still in the shop and not running yet. May need an engine now. I’m a ram man but this thing is a POs

  27. Lost oil pressure in 2018 Dodge ram eco-diesel. Dealership advised that the oil in the truck was like sludge and suggested that we never changed the oil. This is completely false but of course it has a way to get out of paying for a new engine under warranty. We have a local mechanic change the oil sore in the process of figuring out when the oil was changed what’s the mileage was. He only has receipts where he bought the oil. We faithfully got it changed every time the change oil light came on. I’m wondering if there is a way to look up the history to see each time the oil change indicator was reset? That would be helpful in determining what the mileage was and the date of each oil change. We saved a lot of money, paid in cash, but unfortunately don’t have detailed receipts. What would cause the oil to appear like sludge even though it was changed 5000 miles ago and has 54% left on the oil life . Dealership is saying there is metal throughout the oil and the engine so the entire engine needs to be replaced. What could possibly cause this? It seems engine failure is common in the eco-diesels. There has to be a common problem that happens to these trucks that makes it appear it hasn’t been maintained. I’ve had it in for all of the recalls on the throttle etc. but was trying to save some money by having the oil change somewhere other than the dealership. The proper oil and filter were always used and it was usually changed before the light even came on. I’m just sick about this. I just would love to know what is making the oil appear this way?

    1. Hi Kim
      My 2014 grand chrokee had main bearing failure at 30 000 miles. After a propper inspection and tests on the oilpump noting seemed to be at fault. The main bearings showed oil starvation but with a good oilpump how did this happen? Long story short , the problem lays in the check valve on filter housing .Because there is no oil pressure warning ( red light) on instrement cluster the engine starts up with no oil pressure and warning is to late, damage happens immediately but the warning and knock comes later, The spring on the check valve is to tight and oilpump need to suck oil from sump with head pressure. I fixed mine and installed an oil pressure gauge .Hope my horror experiance can be of some help to all the ecodiesels with bottom end failures.

  28. Sounds like these tweaks and upgrades didn’t fix too much. My 2014 blew with 30k. Replaced in late 2016 and so far have another 58k on it . I haven’t towed much since the engine was replaced and as the article stated the engine temperatures have been Normal. Tow just 5000 lbs and watch those temps climb.

  29. Mine blew up at 78,250 miles. The crank bearing let go without any warning. It’s been at the dealership for just over 2 months. Thank God for an extended warranty, but the only problem is getting a new motor. There is still no ETA on the new engine, so I’m paying for a truck to hold down the pavement at the dealership.

  30. When I purchased my 14 new I was given 4 free oil changes .when it blew, main bearing I was told ram give me 10 more oil changes . It’s 2022 with 90,000 miles and I haven’t paid for an oil change yet.
    The engine blew, it always leaned to the left , and it has a vibration no one ever solve.

    1. Bought my 2015 ram eco diesel used with 83,000 miles oil changed every 5000 miles only highway miles going back and forth to work engine took a shit at 111,000 miles with no warning no check engine lights just bang dead wtf ……….! Dealership said 15000 dollars to fix and no eta on when they could get a motor ……can these be rebuilt or are they just paper weights?

  31. My 2021 Dodge Ram crapped out at 18,000 KM after 2.5 months of owning it. Replaced the engine, EGR cooler (twice) and now the whole fuel system is being replaced. I have owned it for 10 months and half that time it has been at the Dodge Service Centre. Don’t buy a diesel! NIGHTMARE!

  32. My 2016 eco Ram seized up February 7th of 2022. It is now June 23rd 2022. Mechanic says the crank seized. Waited 3 months for a crank. Now I was told they can’t get cranks anymore and very large waiting list for new engines. Had to buy a new truck while waiting. What a joke. Not happy

  33. I just bought a 2022 ram eco diesel 2 weeks ago. About 1500mi on it give or take and the throttle just quit on me pulling into traffic. Dealership it got towed to said the whole fuel system has to be replaced with no eta on parts. There’s metal shavings in the high pressure pump and around the injectors. Love the truck till this happened obviously. I’m coming down hard!
    Super sweet job they did on this one

  34. I bought my 2015 ram ecodiesel Larmanie 4×4 in 2020. It only had 11,000 miles on it. The truck looked like it never had been driven. After receiving info on lawsuit , I received some cash and extended warranty. After getting all recalls completed. The truck runs great at 61ooo. The dealers not much help. I love this truck. I pulled a full enclosed uhaul trailer from Texas to Colorado and didn’t even know it was behind me. It seems to be a hit or miss with these trucks.

  35. Dam with all this bad issues and problems. You guys should get a GMC. I’ve been driving GMC since 2000. I’ve never had any issues with any of my vehicles.

  36. Will you please not blind me?I just bought a 2022 Rubicon diesel and it ran 10,000 MPH in February, which scared me to drive it. I once caught fire when I went out at 9000 MPH, but it was fine to restart it

  37. I was going to look at a used 2016 ram eco today with 112,000 miles on it or after reading all these comments I think I’m going to pass.

    The last two American cars I bought have been lemons, a 2015 Dodge Durango that I bought new Cam went out at $32,000 miles and a 2017 Ford Explorer with 42,000 miles on it and the torque converter went out 48000.

    I never had any real problems with my Tundra but I hated the gas mileage looks like I’m going to have to put up with the gas mileage for the sake of reliability.

  38. My first Jeep Grand Cherokee Eco Diesel was a 2014 and I replaced the vehicle with a 2018 GC Eco Diesel in late 2019. The problems that I encountered on the 2014: at 1000mi DEF system failure, at 135,000 mi, alternator and at 160,ooo mi throttle body. It ran fine when I sold it. On the 2018, the at 63,000 mi in early 2022, the engine stated to make piston rod noise and had low oil pressure warning at idle, Stopped driving, dealer replaced engine with new under Mopar Maximum Care plan that I purchased on the 2nd Jeep (cost would have been $18k). It took about 6 weeks to get the engine and with the new engine, the fuel mileage is about 2 mpg higher (29 vs 27). The range and mileage is close to double what I had on 6 prior hemi GCs

  39. I’ve had my 2014 Dodge Ram Eco-Diesel since 2016 bought it used with 32000 miles from a USA dealer ship yet It was the Canada Model which is build Closer to Calif. Emission Std & Yet the Bonus was that the Dealership couldn’t offer the Ram warranty so I got a hell of a deal. Then about a year later i Got some major relief I wasn’t expecting the FCA settlement with Eco Diesel owners included even the Canadian Model that were in the USA I got everting except the 4000 cash settlement including a extended warranty on most all components that caused the problems with the EGR , Emissions Turbo ect… & they have replaced all the recall items like the EGR Cooler, I’ve had no other issues since & I’m over 90,000 mile now & the Best recommendation I can give anyone with a Eco Diesel or any Diesel engine is Don’t wait to Change out the Oil & Filter Personally I Change out my own Oil every 4000 miles & I Recommend getting a Better Oil Cooler as well as the changing out Fuel Filter every other oil change plus all Your Standard Maintenance

  40. I took out a 2016 1500 Ecodiesel today with 188000 miles on it for a test drive today. Sweet ride, super comfortable with the air suspension. Felt like I was driving a brand new truck.

    Reading the comments up here has confused me a lot in regards to if it will be reliable. It will come safetied when I buy it. But should I buy it?

    Please help with your suggestions.

  41. 2021 Jeep Gladiator with 7484 miles developed an oil leak that was leaving a trail up my driveway into the garage with a puddle of oil larger enough that I had it towed to the dealership. They had the truck for two days to find the oil cooler was leaking and the replacement is back ordered, and I could pick it up and drive it until then it came in in two weeks, I called them two weeks later to be told it may be in at the end of this month and to keep checking the oil until then.

  42. The 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Ecodiesel has certainly been the most frustrating, regret-inducing, time-consuming, and costly vehicle I have ever owned. It is not an exaggeration that it has been in the shop more than it has been on the road and nearly every problem has been linked to the emissions/exhaust system. Looked great on paper as a generally fuel efficient city vehicle for the odd RV towing excursion in the summer. What a mistake!

    It’s just been a disaster for me. To note, the engine seems to be running fairly well at just over 65 thousand miles, so I guess that is fortunate …but it currently needs a replaced exhaust/emissions system, transmission, and turbo components.

  43. Our 2015 1500 ram eco diesel has had constant problems with check engine light that finally ended with engine failure last month at 88000 miles. Despite frequent visits to dealer, it has not been fixable (and it’s still under warranty!). We are buying a Tahoe and we can’t sell the Ram truck—even the dealer we bought it from won’t buy it. Does anyone know what we can do next?

  44. We bought a 2018 eco diesel brand new- after two failed EGR coolers (7000 miles, and again at 20,000 miles) our engine blew at 60,000 miles. My wife was the main driver of the truck and only drove on the highway and we never towed or hauled anything. FCA did replace the motor under warranty- but they had to remove the entire cab to do so. So once the motor was replaced, we had numerous electrical issues.
    Traded it in on a Toyota Tundra- never looked back.

  45. Curious for any of you with the CaM Shaft issues, what did the ‘engine not starting’ do? Was the car trying to start and couldn’t?

    I have a 2016 JGC, And since May it’s been to the dealer 4 times with issues. All of which have been covered under the emissions warranty. 1.) Intake Manifold replacement, 2.) PCM replacement 3.) a patient on my head from the dealer for not starting 4.) “fuel pump” which has an open recall.

  46. My 2017 Eco seized at 64K, just 70 miles after the EGR recall was done. Still waiting for new warranty motor. But with the HPFP recall pending, I’m scared. What good will it do to put the new motor in, only to have it damaged by the defective fuel pump. Love this truck, but its getting sold once its repaired. Chrysler finally did get me a loaner after 3 months. No ETA on motor yet. Fuel pump is said to be at least April.

  47. My 2015 eco ram just blew a few weeks ago, #3 cylinder threw the rod out the block, diag from dealer found metal shavings in oil….(uh yea no shit), all oil still in the block, im thinking the oil pump failed or cam slippage, either way theyre diag from lithia dodge in Roseburg Oregon isnt saying what the cause was, just the listing the damage found, and warranty said no…gonna be fighting this.

  48. Just over 80K miles and mine blew. Service department lied before I bought it. They didn’t perform the erg recall but cashed the check from Chrysler. I Caught them and got it fixed later. Then the high pressure fuel pump came apart and destroyed the fuel system. Took it to the dealership and the valve cover is now leaking oil. Got it together and there is blow by in one piston. Engine is dead. I have an open case with Chrysler Care. Hope it gets covered. It’s been in the shop 3 of the 5 months since I bought it.

  49. The gas-sucking Hemi in my ’05 Ram just turned 335k miles and has never been apart. I liked the idea of the eco-diesel because I tow less than 10,000lbs but I’ve heard too many anecdotal nightmares to ever buy one. Sorry for all your troubles.

  50. I have a 2018 Laramie eco- diesel and have been religious on my service for the truck. Just had oil, filter , fuel filter, and brake flush done on Thursday, didn’t drive the truck until Saturday. Drove about 200 klms. And going up the escarpment on my way home and the truck started to shake then I heard the pinging from the engine. Pulled to side of highway and got towed to dealer. They’ve told me the engine is toast and they are going to fight with Chrysler to get me a new engine. Truck is just over warranty at 107,000 kms.

  51. My 2015 ram 3.0 diesel limited gradually lost power with knocking noise on the highway just barely made it off the road. Engine would not restart. Had it towed to Ram dealer. After examining found metal shaving in engine oil.. Said I needed new engine. Has a current high pressure fuel pump recall. Could that have caused the engine to fail? If so is it covered?

    1. George – if the CP4 imploded from the inside it could certainly cause metal shavings in the oil. But it’s going to be an argument with them on what the cause of it was. Could very well be a timing chain related issue too. The CP4 has generally been a pretty good pump and doesn’t have the imploding issues like the CP4.2, but not saying it couldn’t happen.

  52. I hate to say it but these engines are absolute garbage. I have a 2016 Ram 1500 fully loaded LIMITED ( about $85,000 new) and it died at 112,000kms. I was just cruising down the highway at 110km/h (alone in truck, no payload and no trailer) when it blew to pieces. A connecting rod came right out the side of the block! So hard in fact it broke the starter as well. Sadly the truck is out of warranty so I’m left with a very expensive paper weight, And I can’t even find a used engine to put in it because so many of them have suffered the same fate. Went to dealer to see if they could do some kind of “good will” but they said no. New engine is $14,000, plus installation, and they are backordered. F@ck fca. I will NEVER, EVER buy another vehicle from them ever again. The ex also had countless problems with her brand new Dodge Journey. Dodge’s may look good, but that’s about it. Absolute garbage and will never buy again. Stay away.

    ( Side note, I also had a 2014 with the Hemi and absolutely loved that truck, if equipped with the 3.92 gears. Great power and fuel economy 12L/100km on highway going 120km/h)

  53. I have a 2016 1500 ecodiesel. The first engine went at 47,600 miles. The second engine went at at 60,000 miles (yes, it only lasted 13000 miles). According to the dealers, the crankshaft “walked) destroying the engines. This truck has been nothing problems. The turbo bolts rusted off. The DPF rusted off, during a trip and I was in limp mode. My truck is not regen probably. Have to take it to dealer to get manually regen’d. Along with numerous check engine lights for different reasons..

  54. Bought a 2018 in may 2022 by the end of September 2022 the engine was done deal. I put 12000k on the engine and seems like it’s a piston that blew or something. Been waiting for 8 months now to get it repaired.
    Dealers are asking 22k plus taxes and are charging 29 hours also for the installation.

  55. Have a 2014 EcoDiesel with 160,000 miles. No engine problems. just recently had the DEF “see dealer message”
    Pop up. Still runs great. About once a week I pull a 3500lb machine with 1000lb in the bed and occasionally pull my aluminum trailer loaded to about 9400lbs. I use it every day for work, surprised to see people having problems with such low mileage.

    1. Hi William,

      Thank you for the comment and it’s great to here your EcoDiesel has held up well. They’re solid engines all-around but – as with any engine – the 3.0 EcoDiesel is prone to its share of problems. I think the negatives seem more prevalent because people are more likely to post about bad experiences (especially on a common problems article).

      Nonetheless, the 3.0L EcoDiesel isn’t bulletproof and some of the low mileage issues and engine failures go to show that. Part of that just comes down to the luck of the draw. Most people who maintain the engine well, fix issues in a timely manner, etc. will likely have a great experience with the EcoDiesel. Then there will always be the unlucky ones who do everything right but still have a problematic engine. However, that can be said about any engine so it’s not a reason to fault the 3.0L diesel.


  56. We have a 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee with the echo diesel that has 300000 miles on ithe basically had no repairs until the water holes. Broken and it overheated. We just put a new engine in it from a 2020. One? Jeep Wrangler wrangler and we had it running and we’re going to keep driving it longer.

  57. 2015 ram eco diesel w 128k, went in ditch and got stuck yesterday. Wont move now unless in 4 low. Any idea what this could be short ot a shit transfer case? Any help appreciated!

  58. My 2016 Laramie Longhorn ecodiesel just died on 4/8/2023 with 119,000 miles on it. Exited the highway and heard a knocking. Pulled into a parking lot and knew it was bad. I just had the intake manifold replaced under AEM warranty for the corresponding CEL on 3/23/2023. I guess that was the forewarning of what was to come. Dealership confirmed a crank bearing failure. New engine replacement quoted at $15K. FCA Customer Care said their is nothing they can do since it’s two years past the warranty period. New replacement will come with a 3yr/100K mile warranty. Do I delete the EGR and get a tune right away or wait until the warranty is up?

  59. Dodge ram eco diesel engine dead at 180,000 kms. Did all the maintenance required on time. My life is ruined because of Chrysler Fiat.

  60. 2017 RAM w/ the Eco-diesel, just coming up on 90k miles and the engine is done. Dealer stated it was a crank bearing that let go, I’m more suspect of the timing but no mater. It gave up with 5 weeks left on the 5/100 warranty, so i just made it! FCA putting new engine in it. It was in the shop for a month back in Dec for the EGR cooler. Has been a great truck, I haul a gooseneck for horses with it, but after 2 lengthy layups in the shop, it’s getting traded for a gas engine.

  61. I have a 2015 Ram 1500 Eco Diesel with 172,000 miles.
    It runs good but its started whistling when it warms up and i give it gas.
    Is it time to sell

  62. My 2015 blew at 154 000 km
    Proper oil changes ! Crusing on the highway no trailer… occasional towing..

    FCA dealer where purchased where no help. Actually ignored my calls never called me back after speaking to me one time.

  63. I respectfully disagree with your 2017 and above Ram Eco reliability.
    My 2017 Eco just failed its Eco. 63299 miles original owner. Driving 65MPH on flat Louisiana highway unloaded. With the purchase price costing around $1000 a mile.
    Dealer says 7 months out of warranty but mileage is way under Ram should be called out for putting this known defective engine out. I’m a 40 year rotating equipment specialist with one of the country’s largest refineries . Lots of troubleshooting and repairing experience. This engine failed without warning. No lights just stopped locked up driving

    1. Well, I’d say that’s pretty high mileage for an EcoDiesel! Not quite the mileage you’d for hope out of a diesel, but still…

  64. I have a 2018 eco that has 114k miles and is just now discovering it already had a motor put in at 76k and now it needs another motor again. I don’t tow with it do regular maintenance but these are just an issue and Mopar/Dodge powertrain does not honor its warranty. I had to have the Turbo changed at 95k miles and again didn’t pay for warranty on that. To many issues without corporate support. FCA,LLC is the biggest scammers in the auto industry today. I am now left with a truck, no working motor and because I filed a consumer complaint against them they have mark my VIN as not available for OEM parts basically killing the vehicle from being fixed or able to be sold. Lemon laws don’t cover the vehicle in Utah and complaints to FCA, Stelantis, Dodge Power Train have gone in answered. I want to take legal action but have been told the cost would be greater than the value of the truck. Wish We could get a class action going to share in the cost to get FCA to step up and fix the issues.

  65. I bought my 1500 ram ecodiesel new in 2015. They said it was the best. I put 40,500 miles on it. I started noticing the failures more and more. I never had a single issue with the engine, but a ton of recalls. Two weeks ago I took it in for three more . Two were software related and the service manager said they have not received parts for the third. I asked him point blank if he would own an ecodiesel. He said I wouldn’t walk away, I would RUN!! Long story but I ended up trading for a new limited with the etourque hemi. May have been a bad move, but I would pucker every time I heard a noise! Hope I didn’t jump into another fire! I will say that I am going to miss that 23.5 mpg over 40k miles

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