Intake Manifold Cover / Gasket : Replacement

Preparatory Steps: 

  • Remove the high pressure fuel lines.
  • Disconnect the cold starting aid, if used.
  • Remove the air crossover tube (Industrial)

With a 10 mm wrench, remove the manifold cover and gasket. 

 NOTE: Plug the opening of air intake with a clean shop rag to prevent foreign material from entering combustion chamber.

Clean the sealing surface.

NOTE: Keep the gasket material and any other material out of the air intake.

NOTE: The holes shown in the illustration are drilled through and must be sealed by applying liquid teflon sealant to the capscrews.

With a 10 mm wrench, install the cover and a new Gasket.  Torque Value:  24 N•m [18 ft-lb]

 Assemble the intake piping and connect the cold starting aid if used.

 Install and bleed the high pressure fuel lines. 


 Do not mix gasoline, alcohol, or gasohol with diesel fuel. This mixture content would be highly flammable and can cause an explosion. Avoid having any ignition source close to fuel mixture.

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