Jacket-Water Aftercooler / Gasket – Replacement

Preparatory Steps:

  • Disconnect the cold starting aid, if used.
  • Remove the air crossover tube.
  • Remove high pressure fuel lines.
  • Drain 2 liters (2.1 U.S. Quarts) of coolant. 

 Using an 8 mm wrench, remove the coolant supply tube (1) and the coolant return tube (2).  

 Remove the high pressure fuel lines. 

 Using a 10 mm wrench, remove the aftercooler housing and gasket.  Plug the opening with a clean shop rag to prevent foreign material from entering the air intake.

 Clean the sealing surface.

  NOTE: Keep the gasket material and any other material out of the air intake

  Using a 10 mm wrench, install the aftercooler housing and a new gasket.  Torque Value:  24 N•m [18 ft-lb]

 NOTE: The holes shown in the illustration are drilled through. Apply liquid teflon sealant to the capscrews.

 Using an 8 mm wrench, install the coolant supply tube (1) and coolant return tube (2). Install the air crossover tube (3).  Reinstall and bleed the high pressure fuel lines.  Torque Value:  8 N•m [6 ft-lb].


The system must be filled slowly to prevent air locks. Be sure to open the engine and aftercooler vents to allow air to escape as the system is filled. 

Fill the coolant system with a mixture of 50% water and 50% ethylene-glycol type antifreeze.

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