Turbocharger – Replacement

Preparatory Steps:  

  • Remove the air crossover tube.
  • Disconnect the intake and exhaust piping. 

Using a 10 mm wrench, remove the capscrews from the oil drain tube.

Using a 16 mm wrench, remove the oil supply line.

If equipped with a wastegate turbocharger, remove the intake manifold pressure supply line from the boost capsule.

Using a 15 mm and an 11 mm wrench, remove the exhaust clamp, turbocharger, and gasket.  Plug the opening with a clean shop rag to prevent foreign material from entering exhaust system. 

Clean the sealing surface. Inspect the sealing surface and mounting studs for damage.

NOTE: If the turbocharger is not to be immediately replaced, cover the opening to prevent any material from falling into the manifold.

Install a new gasket and apply anti-seize compound to the mounting studs. 

Using a 15 mm wrench, install the turbocharger and new gasket.  Torque Value:  43 N•m [32 ft-lb]

Using a 13 mm wrench, if required, bend the lockplates back and loosen the turbine housing capscrews and position the bearing housing to install the turbocharger drain tube.  

Install the hose and clamps on the turbocharger drain tube loosely. Install the drain tube and gasket on the turbocharger.  Torque Value:  24 N•m [18 ft-lb] 

Using a screwdriver,  position the turbocharger drain hose to connect the drain tubes; tighten the clamps.

Using a 13 mm wrench, punch and hammer, if loosened, tighten the turbine housing capscrews. send the lockplates onto the flats to prevent loosening.  Torque Value:  20 N•m  [15 ft-lb]

Using a 10 mm  wrench, if required, loosen the compressor housing and position the housing to align with the crossover tube.  Torque Value:  8.5 N•m [75 in-lb]

Using an 11 mm Plastic Hammer, tighten the band clamp. Tap around the clamp with a plastic hammer and tighten again.  Torque Value:  8.5 N•m [75 in-lb]


To prevent bearing damage new turbo-chargers must be prelubricated before start-up.  Pour 50 to 60 cc [2 to 3 ounces] of clean engine oil into the oil supply fitting. Rotate the turbine wheel to allow the oil to enter the bearing housing.

Install the exhaust outlet connection.  Do not tighten the two mounting capscrews until the band clamp has been tightened.  Torque Value:  Band Clamp – 8 N•m [6 ft-lb]    Capscrews – 43 N•m [32 ft-lb]

Using a 16 mm wrench,  install the oil supply line.  Torque Value:  35 N•m [26 ft-lb]


When installing oil supply line, be sure line is not in direct contact with turbine housing or line will burn during operation.

If equipped with a wastegate turbocharger, install the intake manifold pressure supply line from the boost capsule.

Cummins diesel engine turbocharger replacement

Install the air crossover tube, inlet and exhaust piping.  Operate the engine and check for leaks.

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