Ford 7.3 Power Stroke ICP Sensor Problems

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The injector control pressure (ICP) sensor is on both the 7.3L and 6.0L Powerstroke engines. They use a high pressure oil system as a way to pressurize fuel in the injector body. ICP sensors on the Ford 7.3 diesel engines read the oil pressure in the HPOS. This allows the PCM to increase or decrease pressure via the IPR. The ICP will produce an output of 0-5v. Basically, the 7.3 Power Stroke ICP, IPR, and HPOP provide enough oil pressure to the rails to ensure the 7.3 injectors actuate.

When the Ford diesel ICP is not functioning you’ll likely get a crank but no start situation. This is because there isn’t enough injection pressure building to deliver fuel and start the 7.3 Power Stroke. Other symptoms of ICP sensor failure include rough running or the engine cutting in and out. Below we’ll list a few steps to fix the ICP sensor along with a helpful video to diagnose the issue at hand.

7.3L PowerStroke ICP Replacement

Injector control pressure sensors are located on the driver side of the Ford 7.3. They’re towards the front of the engine right around the HPOP. You can also use the Ford or International replacement parts. They’re both the same fitment. Once you’ve located the ICP the following steps will help replace the part.

  1. Disconnect both negative battery cables
  2. Remove the connector from the ICP
    1. Pull retaining clip up and away from the sensor
  3. Pull the ICP sensor from the cylinder head
    1. Ensure no debris enter the ICP passage once it’s out
  4. Use a little bit of engine oil to coat the o-ring on the new sensor
  5. Install ICP sensor and torque to 9 lb/ft
  6. Apply small amount of dielectric grease to the terminals and install connector back on ICP

Overall, it’s a very simple repair and the ICP sensor only runs about $70-100. You may also consider replacing the ICP sensor pigtail if it’s frail or if oil has permeated the wires. Anyways, injector control pressure sensors are one of the most common problems on the Ford 7.3 Power Stroke. However, as with most problems on this legendary engine it’s not a major problem in the grand scheme.

7.3 Power Stroke ICP Diagnostics

The below video will help isolate the reason the 7.3L Powerstroke injection pressure won’t build up enough to start the engine:

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  1. I have 1995 f-350 7.3 power stroke. I have a up dated fuel system where it is a fuel filter after the tank then inline fuel pump that runs to a aeromotive pressure regulator. Was driving one day and fuel pressure went to 0 psi but ran fine. Went on a trip and truck fell flat on its face and ran extremely rough and no power. Changed out ICPS, Cam shaft sensor, new fuel pump and filter. Truck fired right up. Now shows over 100 psi for fuel pressure. Checked diaphragm in pressure regulator and is all good. Loosened the jam nut and tried to adjust and no change. I also took the senors outbof regulator and put in an gauge and still was reading ove 100PSI. IPR valve is new. Anything I’m missing on why fuel pressure is so high.

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