Retrieve / Clear Continuous DTCs

To determine if the PCM has detected any historical or intermittent fault conditions that would cause a hard start/no start symptom. The condition that caused a continuous DTC may no longer exist.

Recommended Procedure:

  • Perform the necessary vehicle preparation and visual inspection.
  • Connect the OBDII Scan Tool / Tester to the DLC under the dash. Turn off accessories. If vehicle is equipped with an auxiliary powertrain control (rpm control), it must be turned off to perform self tests.
  • Turn key to on.
  • Record any codes displayed. (P1111 may be the only code displayed.)
  • Clear Continuous DTCs /  IDM trouble codes from memory.
  • After IDM trouble codes are cleared from memory. Repeat the KOEO On-Demand Self Test and KOEO Injector Electrical Self Test. Any IDM codes that reappear are IDM hard faults. If no IDM codes reappear, then the fault is an intermittent IDM fault.

Tools Required:
Rotunda New Generation Star (NGS) Tester 007-00500 or equivalent scan tool.

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